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Can Love Survive This Election? 川普激化對立 美國擇偶先問立場

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紐時周報精選 Can Love Survive This Election? 川普激化對立 美國擇偶先問立場
How American Guns Are Fueling U.K. Crime 美國黑槍 推高英國犯罪率
Can Love Survive This Election? 川普激化對立 美國擇偶先問立場
文/Nicole Pajer

川普激化對立 擇偶先問立場

For many couples, fighting about politics has become more common. Since President Donald Trump's election, Ken Jewell, a New York City divorce lawyer, has had clients in his office regularly ranting about their partners' outlooks on initiatives like Black Lives Matter.


"Before that, it never really became much of an issue because you didn't have the divisive candidate," he said. And while people aren't citing political differences as the sole reason for divorce, the topic is certainly compounding matters. "Presidential years are typically very quiet for divorces because of the uncertainty of the presidency," Jewell said. "This year, it has been beyond insane."


Pat Pierson, 72, a retired staffing executive in Denver, parted ways with her boyfriend of 12 years over conflicting opinions on the Trump administration. She's more liberal and he's conservative, but their views weren't an issue before Trump.


Political polarization has become such an issue that Maureen Tara Nelson, the owner of New York and Florida-based MTN Matchmaking, says her clients are requesting to only be paired with people who have similar political views. "My motto in the past was 'work together and agree to disagree,' but it has gotten to the point where people hate the other political side," she said. "And if they hate them, how could they date them?"

政治立場兩極化變得如此嚴重,以致在紐約和佛州設有據點的聯誼社MTN Matchmaking的老闆莫琳.尼爾森表示,客戶要求只跟政治觀點相近者配對。她說:「過去,我的信念是『一起努力,存異求同』,但是現在情況變成大家痛恨政治主張對立的人,如果痛恨對方,又怎麼能約會呢?」

In years past, Nelson noted, singles wanted partners that were attractive, intelligent and successful. Now, finding someone politically compatible is non-negotiable.


Eighty-four percent of the singles using Dating.com won't even consider dating someone with opposite political views, said Maria Sullivan, a vice president at the dating website.


And then there are those whose relatives have insisted they date within family party lines, like Christina Mullins, 42, a legal assistant in Tulsa, Oklahoma, who grew up with a strict Republican father.


"He put a clause that I would be written out of his trust if I married a registered Democrat," she said, joking that yes, this does significantly limit her dating pool.


These attitudes are behind a growing number of dating services dedicated to helping people on both sides of the aisle find inner-party love. DonaldDaters.com, whose slogan is, "Make America Date Again," promises, "the RIGHT person is out there." And Salvator Prano, who created LiberalHearts.com in 2002, deems his website more popular than ever.


"Through 16 years of Bush and Obama, most partisans found a way to tolerate friends and family of different political persuasions," Prano said. But this time, he said, it's more about the man than the party.




partisan是政治新聞中常見的字,當形容詞意為黨派的、盲目推崇的,作名詞時指(通常盲目)支持某個黨派的人。partisan politics是黨派政治。partisan press是帶有黨派偏見的媒體。naked partisan是毫不掩飾的黨派支持者。non-partisan是無黨派的、不受任何黨派控制的。bipartisan則是受到兩黨派支持或包括兩個黨派的。

agree to disagree是「接受彼此意見不同」,即「願意存異(求同)」 ,通常發生在爭執各方認識到繼續衝突無濟於事時,例如2015年1月美國與古巴展開復交談判,洛杉磯時報的標題就是:As diplomatic talks begin in Havana, Cuba and U.S. agree to disagree。拉丁文片語modus vivendi意思相近,原意是「生活方式」,引申為「妥協辦法」,讓意見不同的政黨可以暫時和諧共處。

How American Guns Are Fueling U.K. Crime 美國黑槍 推高英國犯罪率
文/Jane Bradley

Josh Bains was 28 when he was killed after an argument over a drug debt of about $50 just a few miles from the English village where he grew up — with a gun that had traveled thousands of miles from America.


His was one of a rising number of gun deaths in recent years that have British authorities worried about an expanding smuggling pipeline from the United States. The gun used to kill Bains in October 2018 — a Taurus Model 85 — is banned outright in Britain.


"I think Americans wouldn't believe that something that they produce could affect people like us," said Clare Bains, who was Bains' stepmother. "If there weren't all these guns, they wouldn't be seeping out of America all over the world."


Gun deaths remain extremely rare in Britain, and very few people, even police officers, carry firearms. But the growing presence of U.S. weapons on the streets, which has not previously been widely reported, comes as serious violent crime, like murders and stabbings, has risen sharply.


Most illegal firearms in Britain still come from Europe. But investigators seized hundreds of smuggled U.S. guns last year, a small figure by international standards, though experts say the number that police do not discover is likely to be far higher.


British police have traced some of the smuggled U.S. guns back to loosely regulated gun fairs in states like Florida. Investigators have also seized U.S. weapons being smuggled on a container ship and hidden in car engines.


Now authorities fear that after Brexit, when borders with the European Union will be more tightly regulated, the illegal gun trade from the United States could accelerate, especially given the Trump administration's broad support for the gun industry.


"A major Trump administration goal is to globalize the firearms trade and facilitate exports, and if you're facilitating legal exports, it's almost inevitable that there will be an illegal diversion of weapons into criminal markets in other countries," said Aaron Karp, a senior consultant for the Small Arms Survey in Geneva and a lecturer at Old Dominion University in Virginia.


The United States is one of the biggest legal exporters of firearms in the world, but hundreds of thousands of guns also illegally leak out of the country and fuel homicides, especially in Latin America and the Caribbean.


In Britain, criminal groups primarily use knives for acts of violence. Knife crime reached a record high last year, accounting for around 2 out of every 5 killings. By comparison, only 33 people were killed with a gun.


But the number of illegal guns in circulation is growing. In the last year alone, gun seizures by Britain's national policing body, the National Crime Agency, more than doubled, and firearm offenses have soared by 38% since 2015.


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