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The ‘80s Greatest: It’s a Small World 重返 80 年代:小小世界真奇妙

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The ‘80s Greatest: It’s a Small World  重返 80 年代:小小世界真奇妙
by Lauren McCarthy


  Portrayals of the 1980s often focus on big trends—literally. There are stadium rock bands, vast corporate greed, and huge hair. Despite this decade’s larger-than-life image, many things were actually shrinking. In National Geographic’s The ‘80s Greatest: It’s a Small World, filmmakers show how electronics got smaller, more portable, and more personal.
  The introduction of Sony’s Walkman at the start of the decade turned listening to music from a communal activity into an individual escape. Furthermore, with this handheld cassette player, music could be carried around and, depending on how many cassette tapes you brought along, listeners had a hundred or more favorite songs to choose from. For the first time, people could slip on headphones and listen to tunes while commuting or exercising.
  This was also the decade when computers became a staple in the workplace and at home. The IBM Personal Computer, known simply as the PC, wasn’t the first model that could fit on a desk, but it did revolutionize the computer industry. IBM’s PC marked the start of the computer as a mass-market consumer item as businesses moved away from mainframe computing systems that took up whole rooms, and households started to buy the small, newly affordable models.
  Game consoles shrank, too. The Nintendo Game Boy was the first portable game console with interchangeable cartridges. Not only could games be played outside of the arcade, but users could switch between different games without having to change devices.
  Nowadays, these functions and more can all be found on a lightweight smartphone, but to see when the idea of small and handheld electronics started to take off, tune in to The ‘80s Greatest: It’s a Small World.


1. portrayal n. 描繪;飾演
•The film is not an accurate portrayal of that famous writer’s life.

2. literally adv. 照字面地:確實
•If you translate that sentence literally, it won’t make sense.

3. corporate a. 企業的,大公司的
•Mr. Smith was hired to improve our corporate image.

4. greed n. 貪心,貪婪
•Driven by greed, Gina tricked her friend into loaning her US$1 million.

5. shrink vi. 縮小;(衣物)縮水
三態為:shrink, shrank, shrunk。
•My sweater shrank when my sister put it in the dryer.

6. portable a. 可攜帶的,手提的
•I prefer laptop computers because they are light and portable.

7. communal a. 公共的
•The apartment has four separate bedrooms and a communal kitchen.

8. commute vi. 通勤
commute from A to B  通勤於 A 地和 B 地之間
= commute between A and B
•My aunt commutes daily from her home to her office by car.

9. staple n. 日常必需品;重要的部分
•The humble izakaya restaurant has become a modern staple of Japanese cuisine.

10. revolutionize vt. 徹底改革
•The research done at this lab has revolutionized heart surgery.

11. affordable a. 負擔得起的
•The price of this car isn’t too high. It is affordable for us.

12. lightweight a. 輕量的
•These shoes are made with a lightweight material that is water-resistant.

1. focus on...  集中焦點/注意力於……
= concentrate on...
•I can’t focus on my studies with all of you playing cards in my room.

2. bring along...  攜帶……
•Grandpa brings along that photo album wherever he goes.

3. 複數名詞 + to choose from  有……可供選擇
•There were many kinds of desserts to choose from on the menu.

4. slip on / into...  穿上……(衣服等)
•Slip on your jacket and come with me.

5. take up...  占用……(時間或空間);開始從事……(某項活動)
•We should not buy this table because it takes up too much space.
•Mandy took up Latin dancing a few years ago, and she hasn’t stopped practicing since.

6. take off  開始成功/發展
take off... / take... off  脫下……
•Our business took off after we launched our website.
•Sally took off her coat and hung it on the hook behind the door.


electronics n. 電子產品(恆用複數);電子學
•People nowadays like to give electronics as Christmas gifts.
字首 electro- / electr- 表「電的;電子的」,以下介紹此類字首的常見單字:
a. electronic a. 電子的
•You may use an electronic calculator to add up the numbers.
b. electronica n. 電子音樂
•I don’t like electronica because it sounds unnatural.
c. electrocution n. 電刑處死;觸電身亡
•The serial murderer was sentenced to death by electrocution.
d. electric a. 電的;用電操作的(常接具體名詞)
•There is an electric outlet on the wall in the bathroom.
e. electrical a. 用電操作的(常接籠統名詞)
•They sell a lot of electrical equipment and appliances.
f. electrician n. 電工
•We need to get an electrician to check the wiring.
g. electricity n. 電(力)
•Most of the households around here use solar panels to generate electricity.
h. electrify vt. 供電,使電氣化
•Many villages in remote areas are still not electrified.

cassette n. 卡式磁帶
mainframe n. 電腦主機
computing n. 電腦應用
household n. 家庭
console n.(遊戲)主機/操縱器
interchangeable a. 可以互換的
cartridge n.(插入的)匣
arcade n. 遊樂場;騎樓


重返 80 年代:小小世界真奇妙

  對於 1980 年代的描繪常聚焦於大趨勢 ── 就是字面上的意思。其中有舞臺搖滾樂團、大量的企業貪婪,還有蓬鬆厚重的髮型。儘管那十年有比較誇大的形象,許多東西實際上都在縮小。在國家地理的《重返 80 年代:小小世界真奇妙》中,影片製作人展現了電子產品是如何變得更小、更輕便且更個人化。
  於那十年開端問世的索尼 Walkman 隨身聽將聽音樂由社群活動轉變成個人解悶的活動。此外,有了這種手持卡式播放器,音樂就可以被帶著走,而且根據你帶了多少卡帶在身上,你就會有許多首最愛的歌曲可以選擇(編按:本句原文的 a hundred or more 指的是「數量很多」,而非指實際數量)。這是人們第一次能夠戴上耳機,並在通勤或運動時聽音樂。
  電腦也是在那十年間成為工作場所和家中的必需品。IBM 的個人電腦(簡稱為 PC)並非第一款能夠放在桌面上的電腦,但它的確改革了電腦產業。IBM 的個人電腦標誌著電腦成為大眾市場消費品的開端,當時的企業捨棄了占據整個房間的大型電腦主機系統,且家庭開始購買小型且新款實惠的電腦機型。
  遊戲主機也縮小了。任天堂的 Game Boy 是第一個可更換卡帶的攜帶式遊戲主機。這些遊戲不僅能在遊樂場外遊玩,使用者還能在不換設備的情況下轉換不同的遊戲。
  如今,這些以及更多功能都能在輕量的智慧型手機上找到,但想看看這些小型的掌上型電子產品的想法是何時開始風行的話,請鎖定《重返 80 年代:小小世界真奇妙》。


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