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My Pacific Quest 我的太平洋大冒險

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My Pacific Quest  我的太平洋大冒險
by Evan Witkowski

Join a modern-day explorer on his series of island-hopping adventures.


  If you ever wanted to leave your life behind and set sail across the open ocean to discover remote desert islands, this is the show for you. The host of National Geographic's My Pacific Quest is Ellis Emmett, a man from New Zealand whose thirst for adventure takes him on exotic journeys where he learns valuable life lessons. Emmett sets out by sailboat to explore the vast stretch of remote dots of land known as the Pacific Islands.
  As an experienced outdoorsman and mountain trekker, he takes on the challenges of life at sea, and overcomes his ineptitude on a sailboat with the help of his more experienced friends. Each episode finds Emmett and the crew arriving at another remote island. That presents an opportunity to meet the locals who teach him vital skills while sharing their lifestyles and culture. From his native shores to the Kingdom of Tonga and on to Fiji, Wallis and Futuna, the Marshall Islands, and Kiribati, Emmett takes viewers on a fascinating tour of the Pacific Islands' idyllic landscape.
  Immersed in the customs and traditions of the Pacific Islanders, Emmett gets firsthand knowledge of what life is like in Oceania. And it's not easy living in paradise. He learns how to hunt for his own dinner next to new islands formed by active volcanoes and treacherous coral reefs full of flourishing fish populations. Along the way, he picks up on what it takes to survive, and he even gets his feet wet by partaking in the fire walking ceremony. Instead of risking life and limb to see the far reaches of the world, watch My Pacific Quest on National Geographic from the comfort of your own home.


quest n.(長期且艱困的)尋求;(為成就艱難目標所做的)嘗試
: in quest of...  搜尋……
sailboat n. 小帆船
trekker n. 徒步登山者
: trek n. & vi. 長途跋涉
ineptitude n. 缺乏技巧;笨拙
idyllic a. 美麗寧靜的;田園詩的
treacherous a. 危險的
coral reef  珊瑚礁

1. leave... behind / leave behind...  拋下……;遺留下……
Daniel left behind a huge debt when he died at the age of 35.

2. set out  動身,啟程
: set out to V  著手/開始進行……
= begin to V
The travelers set out again after one night in Vienna.
Researchers have set out to find a cure for the disease.
*cure n. 治療(法)

3. take on...  接受/承擔……(工作、責任等)
Since he is too busy, Larry was unable to take on the new project.

4. be immersed in...  埋首於……
: immerse oneself in...
immerse vt. 使專心;使浸入
Bob was immersed in his studies two weeks before his final exams.
Jenny immersed herself in her job to forget about her breakup.

5. hunt for...  搜捕/尋找……
hunt vi. 打獵;尋找
Rick has been hunting for a good job since last June.

6. pick up on sth  率先洞悉某事,
Our children picked up on our worries and anxieties even though we didn't tell them anything.

7. get one's feet wet  初試身手
This program allows college students to get their feet wet in every area of the media industry.

8. partake in...  參加……
partake vi. 分享;參與
My whole family partook in the charity event.
*charity n. 慈善(不可數)

9. risk life and limb  冒著生命危險
limb n. 四肢
The lion tamer risked life and limb whenever he entered the lion's cage.
*tamer n. 馴獸師

1. remote a. 偏僻的,遙遠的
: faraway a.
Anthropologists often travel to very remote regions to study primitive cultures.
*anthropologist n. 人類學家

2. thirst n. 渴望;口渴 & vi. 渴望;渴求
: thirst for...  渴望得到……
Rebecca goes to the library in her free time to satisfy her thirst for knowledge.
People in that war-torn country thirst for peace.
*war-torn a. 受戰爭蹂躪的

3. exotic a. 異國風情的;奇特的
Marie likes exotic dances such as the flamenco and the tango.
*flamenco n. 佛朗明哥舞/音樂

4. vast a. 廣闊的;巨大的
The government plans on putting vast amounts of money into the country's education system.

5. stretch n.(陸地、水上的)一片區域
Boats are rarely seen in this dangerous stretch of the river due to its powerful current.
*current n. 水流;電流

6. dot n. 點狀物,點 & vt. 布滿,點綴
: be dotted with...  點綴著……
Sandy's skirt was blue with white dots.
The night sky was dotted with stars.

7. shore n. 臨海國家(恆用複數);(海、湖或河的)岸;濱
: ashore adv. 向/在岸上
Millions of immigrants flocked to these shores in the 19th century.
*immigrant n.(移入的)移民
flock to...  蜂擁至……
Mike quickly rowed his boat ashore after he thought he saw a shark.
*row vt. 划(船)

8. active volcano  活火山
: extinct volcano  死火山
dormant volcano  休火山

9. flourishing a. 茂盛的;繁榮的;生氣蓬勃的
: flourish vi. 茁壯成長;興旺,繁榮
The most flourishing modern art establishment in the world today is the Tate Modern in London.
The cactus is one of the few plants that can flourish in the desert.
*cactus n. 仙人掌(單數形)



  如果你曾想要拋開生活並航行於開闊的海洋中尋找偏僻的荒島,這正是你要看的節目。國家地理《我的太平洋大冒險》的主持人是艾利斯.艾米特,這位紐西蘭男子對冒險的渴望帶他踏上了異國的旅程,從中學習寶貴的人生課題。艾米特乘著帆船出發去探索一望無際的數個離島 ── 太平洋群島。



是一堂學習突破自我、找尋夢想的超酷研習課!前進美國休士頓 NASA詹森太空中心,親眼目睹如電影場景般並深入了解太空人培訓內容,激勵學生勇敢設定人生目標並努力追求卓越!


小吃不停歇 最愛還是這一味!
都到了大稻埕,怎能錯過小吃? 永樂市場、慈聖宮是大稻埕的小吃集散地, 聚集許多當地人從小到大的美味, 在口耳相傳之下,也吸引不少遊客接續前來嚐鮮。

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