2018年3月19日 星期一

Fact Really Can Be Stranger Than Fiction! 海底的動人奇遇

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Fact Really Can Be Stranger Than Fiction!  海底的動人奇遇
by Bruce E. Bagnell

This "big fish" tale sounds too weird to be true, except that it's been documented!


    The National Geographic Society has funded research into our natural world for more than a century. Though the organization is most famous for its investigations into wildlife, National Geographic has also helped people understand astronomy, geology, our oceans, and threats or challenges to the health of our planet, by sending scientists, adventurers, and photographers out into the wilderness. Paul Nicklen, an experienced photographer, was supported by National Geographic to film the rarely seen wildlife of the Arctic and Antarctic regions. One of his encounters there is hard to believe, but since he documented it on film, it cannot be disputed.
  While working with his camera in
frigid Antarctic waters, Nicklen came face to face with an enormous leopard seal. These huge sea mammals are considered a top predator in their environment. Fearsome stories involving their hunting skills paint them as vicious, bloodthirsty killers of other seals and penguins. Just imagine how Nicklen felt as one particularly large female leopard seal seemed to want to swallow him, his video camera, and some of his scuba diving equipment in a single bite. He was certain this was the end.
  Amazingly, the seal swam off, but she soon returned with a live penguin, which she tried to
stuff into Nicklen's camera, perhaps thinking it was the mouth of a weird sea creature. Nicklen later said, "She realized that I was this useless predator in her ocean... she started to bring me weak penguins, then dead penguins." For four days, every time Nicklen returned to his filming duties in the water, the same female leopard seal followed him, attempting to feed him. Not only does he have the candid footage, but he also has quite a story to go along with it.

1. According to the article, which of these statements about the National Geographic Society is true?
(A) It has been researching the Arctic and Antarctic for more than a century.
(B) It has dealt
exclusively with finding out more about Earth's wildlife.
(C) It has encouraged the exploration and documentation of our natural world.
(D) It is the only non-governmental organization to have studied the Arctic and Antarctic.

2. According to the article, why did the leopard seal try to feed a penguin to Nicklen's camera?
(A) She may have
mistaken Nicklen's camera for his mouth.
(B) She wanted to show Nicklen what kind of food he should provide for her.
(C) She was using the penguin to threaten Nicklen.
(D) She was trying to feed Nicklen to the penguin.

3. How did Nicklen finally interpret the leopard seal's behavior?
(A) As an act of
mercy and generosity.
(B) As a vicious act of deadly aggression.
(C) As a case of mistaking his identity for that of a penguin.
(D) As a warning to leave the area at once.

4. Due to Paul Nicklen's experience, what viewpoint may be changed?
(A) The Arctic and Antarctic have too little wildlife to be of interest.
(B) Global warming has influenced the Arctic and Antarctic the most.
(C) There are more female leopard seals than male ones.
(D) Leopard seals are vicious, bloodthirsty man-eaters.


astronomy n. 天文學
: astronomer n. 天文學家
geology n. 地質學
: geologist n. 地質學家
wilderness n. 荒野,野地
Arctic n. 北極(地區)& a. 北極的
: Antarctic n. 南極 & a. 南極的
leopard seal  豹形海豹
leopard n. 豹
seal n. 海豹
mammal n. 哺乳動物
bloodthirsty a. 嗜血的,殘忍的
scuba diving  水肺潛水,深潛
scuba n. 潛水用的水中呼吸器,水肺
footage n. 影片;(影片的)連續鏡頭
generosity n. 慷慨,大方
: generous a. 慷慨的,大方的
aggression n. 侵略;侵犯行為

1. attempt to V  試圖(做)……
attempt vt. & n. 企圖,試圖
: in an attempt to V  試圖(做)……
We will attempt to build a community center for the elderly.
Betty worked day and night in an attempt to finish the project on time.
*day and night  日以繼夜地

2. go along with...  伴隨……;搭配……
Red wine always goes along with steak the best.

3. mistake A for B  將 A 誤認為 B
mistake vt. 誤認;誤解
I mistook a tangerine for an orange when I bought it at the store.
*tangerine n. 橘子

1. document vt. 記錄
The doctor wanted the nurse to document everything the patient ate.

2. investigation n. 調查
: under investigation  接受調查;在調查中

3. rarely adv. 很少,鮮少
: rare a. 稀有的;(肉)半熟的
Hank rarely exercises, so he is getting fatter.
The number of rare wild birds is decreasing.
I always order my steaks rare.

4. encounter n. & vt. 遇見,偶遇
: encounter sb  與某人不期而遇
= run into sb
= bump into sb
Leo's first encounter with Alice was when he was in New York.
I first encountered my wife in Tokyo.

5. dispute vt. 爭論,爭吵
No one would dispute that Linda was a great dancer in her day.

6. frigid a. 嚴寒的;寒帶的
: the frigid zone  寒帶地區

7. enormous a. 龐大的,巨大的
Any small act of kindness can be an enormous contribution to making this world better.

8. predator n. 掠食者,肉食動物

9. vicious a. 凶惡的;惡意的
Ann told everyone some vicious lies about Bob.

10. particularly adv. 特別,尤其
I like all the colors, particularly the red used on the walls.

11. swallow vt. 吞下,嚥下
The mother watched to make sure her child swallowed all of the cough medicine.

12. equipment n. 設備,裝備(不可數)
: a piece of equipment  一項設備

13. stuff vt. 塞入
My mother helped me stuff all my clothes into the suitcase.

14. candid a. 坦誠的,率直的
: To be candid, ...  坦白說,……
= To be frank, ...
I hold John in high esteem because he is always candid.
*hold sb in high esteem  非常尊敬某人
To be quite candid, I don't think you're right.

15. exclusively adv. 專門地
David set up a website devoted exclusively to his favorite singer.

16. interpret vt. 解釋,視為;翻譯,口譯
: interpret A as B  將 A 詮釋為 B
I interpreted Ray's silence as acceptance.
Mr. Lee interpreted the words of the French speaker for the American audience.

17. mercy n. 憐憫,慈悲
: have mercy on...  對……大發慈悲
The judge refused to have mercy on the drug smuggler.
*smuggler n. 走私者


This "big fish" tale sounds too weird to be true, except that it's been documented!
except that S + V  要不是/除了/只不過……
: except for...  除了……之外(之後接名詞作受詞)
except for 常與修飾涵蓋性完全的形容詞 all、no、every 或 any 並用。
Al is quite nice, except that he is bad-tempered.
All the boys in the class are very diligent except for Alan.
*diligent a. 勤勉的;孜孜不倦的
I don't envy that millionaire. He has nothing except for money.
*envy vt. 羨慕





(A) 它研究北極和南極已超過一世紀了。
(B) 它只專門找出更多地球上的野生生物。
(C) 它鼓勵探索並記錄自然界。
(D) 它是唯一一個研究北極和南極的非政府組織。
題解:根據本文第一段,國家地理學會資助研究自然界已逾一個世紀。雖然國家地理以對野生生物的研究調查最為聞名,該組織也透過派遣科學家、冒險家以及攝影師到荒野以幫助人們了解天文學、地質學、我們的海洋以及對地球健康的威脅或挑戰,故 (C) 項應為正選。

2. 根據本文,為何豹形海豹試圖將一隻企鵝餵給尼克倫的攝影機?
(A) 她可能誤將尼克倫的相機當作他的嘴巴。
(B) 她想向尼克倫展示他應該提供什麼樣的食物給她。
(C) 她利用企鵝來威脅尼克倫。
(D) 她試圖把尼克倫餵給企鵝吃。
題解:根據本文最後一段,令人驚訝的是,這隻海豹游走了,但她很快就叼著一隻活企鵝回來,試圖將企鵝塞進尼克倫的相機裡,也許她以為它是一個奇怪海洋生物的嘴巴,故 (A) 項應為正選。

3. 尼克倫最後如何解釋豹形海豹的行為?
(A) 作為一種憐憫和慷慨的行為。
(B) 作為一種致命侵略的凶猛行為。
(C) 作為誤認他的身分是企鵝的一個情況。
(D) 作為要他立即離開該地區的警告。
題解:根據本文最後一段,尼克倫後來說道:「她意識到我在這個海洋裡是個沒有用的掠食者……她開始幫我帶來奄奄一息的企鵝,接著是死掉的企鵝。」故 (A) 項應為正選。

4. 由於尼克倫的體驗,什麼看法可能會改變?
(A) 北極和南極野生動物太少,不會讓人感興趣。
(B) 全球暖化對北極和南極的影響最大。
(C) 那裡的雌性豹形海豹比雄性豹形海豹多。
(D) 豹形海豹是凶猛、嗜血的食人動物。
題解:根據本文第二段,與豹形海豹獵食技能有關的可怕傳聞將牠們描繪成捕食其他海豹及企鵝的凶惡、嗜血殺手,然而,尼克倫遇到的雌性豹形海豹卻試圖用企鵝來餵食他,故 (D) 項應為正選。

答案: 1. C 2. A 3. A 4. D




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