2018年2月12日 星期一

Salty Seattle and Her Unconventional Pasta Art 彩色義大利麵 繽紛你的世界

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Salty Seattle and Her Unconventional Pasta Art  彩色義大利麵 繽紛你的世界
by Ivy Liu

As her motto goes, she does crazy stuff with food.


  In the universally acclaimed Pixar movie Inside Out, there is a scene where a dad is having trouble getting his toddler to eat broccoli, a vegetable that incites disgust in most children of that age. For the movie's international release, Pixar _(1)_ broccoli with whatever vegetable was most suitable for a particular region's picky-eating children. When food blogger Linda Miller Nicholson was presented with the challenge of raising a son who _(2)_ his nose up at vegetables, she readily accepted it by sneaking them into pasta in wildly imaginative ways.
  As a molecular gastronomist _(3)_ as the "Lady Gaga of Food" by the Cooking Channel, Nicholson regularly
approaches food in an original way. However, she has gained _(4)_ for her out-of-this-world pasta creations. They aren't your ordinary pastas with bland colors and dull flavors; they're zany pasta designs with bursts of colors, mesmerizing patterns, homages to art pieces like Vermeer's Girl with a Pearl Earring, and other cultural icons using all-natural ingredients. She includes kale, peas, beets, paprika, turmeric, and other ingredients to get the _(5)_ colors she needs. Then, she documents her pasta masterpieces under her Instagram handle Salty Seattle, which is the name of her former blog.
  Nicholson began her journey at the center of the Slow Food Movement in Torino, Italy. _(6)_, she has appeared on the American version of MasterChef, with celebrity chef and television personality Gordon Ramsay. Now, she's the host of Food Network's Facebook live videos _(7)_ she regularly teaches people how to utilize her pasta-making
techniques. With her own cookbook underway in early 2018, there is no telling what will be next in store for Nicholson.
1. (A) recalled  (B) reminded  (C) removed  (D) replaced
2. (A) sends  (B) pulls  (C) turns  (D) catches
3. (A) known  (B) knowing  (C) knows  (D) has known
4. (A) debt  (B) revenge  (C) fame  (D) grief
5. (A) clumsy  (B) vague  (C) chilly  (D) vibrant
6. (A) Sooner or later  (B) From then on  (C) On the contrary  (D) For a moment
7. (A) where  (B) which  (C) what  (D) when


1. ... Pixar replaced broccoli with whatever vegetable was most suitable for a particular region's picky-eating children.

a. (A) recall vt. 回想起,記得
: recall N/V-ing  記得……
It was hard for Ken to recall the details of the car accident.
(B) remind vt. 提醒;使想起
: remind sb of sth  提醒某人某事;使某人想到某事物
This photo reminds me of the time I went traveling in Spain.
(C) remove vt. 移除
: remove A from B  把 A 從 B 中移除
This detergent removes tough stains from clothes.
*detergent n. 洗潔劑
(D) replace vt. 取代
: replace A with B  以 B 取代 A
We're going to replace our old car with a new one next month.
b. 根據語意及用法,(D) 項應為正選。

2. When food blogger Linda Miller Nicholson was presented with the challenge of raising a son who turns his nose up at vegetables...

a. 本題測試以下固定用法:
turn one's nose up at...  厭惡/不喜歡……
To our surprise, Sally turned her nose up at the job.
b. 根據上述用法,(C) 項應為正選。

3. As a molecular gastronomist known as the "Lady Gaga of Food" by the Cooking Channel...

a. 本題測試以下固定用法:
be known as...  被稱為……;
New York City is known as the Big Apple.
b. 根據上述用法,(A) 項應為正選。

4. However, she has gained fame for her out-of-this-world pasta creations.

a. (A) debt n. 債務,負債
: be (deep) in debt  負債(累累)
Because of her crazy spending, Anita ended up in debt a couple of years ago.
(B) revenge n. 復仇
: take revenge on sb  對某人報仇
The young man wanted to take revenge on his father's murderer.
(C) fame n. 名聲,名氣
Ann won overnight fame with her first novel.
(D) grief n. 悲傷,悲痛
Grief can be so strong that it prevents us from thinking reasonably.
b. 根據語意,(C) 項應為正選。

5. She includes kale, peas, beets, paprika, turmeric, and other ingredients to get the vibrant colors she needs.

a. (A) clumsy a. 笨拙的,不靈活的
My little brother's clumsy attempt to catch the ball made us laugh.
(B) vague a. 含糊的;模糊不清的
Jay gave a vague answer when his girlfriend asked where he'd been.
(C) chilly a. 寒冷的
It is getting chilly in here. Let's turn the heater on.
(D) vibrant a.(顏色)鮮豔的;活躍的,充滿生氣的
The room was decorated in vibrant colors.
Tourists love Bangkok for its vibrant markets and friendly people.
b. 根據語意,(D) 項應為正選。

6. From then on, she has appeared on the American version of MasterChef...

a. (A) sooner or later  遲早
Sooner or later, you'll realize the importance of getting your degree.
(B) from then on  從那時候開始
: since then
Angela had a baby boy. From then on, she has been taking care of him.
(C) on the contrary  正好相反
George Washington was not punished for chopping down a cherry tree. On the contrary, he was praised for his honesty.
*chop down... / chop... down  將……砍下
(D) for a moment  片刻,一會兒
When I asked Amy if she was telling the truth, she paused for a moment.
b. 根據語意,(B) 項應為正選。

7. Now, she's the host of Food Network's Facebook live videos where she regularly teaches people how to utilize her pasta-making techniques.

a. 空格前的先行詞 live videos(直播影片)為表地方的名詞,且空格後為一完整子句,得知空格應置能修飾地方的關係副詞 where 以引導形容詞子句修飾 live videos。關係副詞 where 等於「介詞 + which」,其引導的形容詞子句修飾表地方的先行詞。
In the place where we live, you will see frost on the ground in winter.
*frost n. 霜
b. 根據上述,(A) 項應為正選。

motto n. 座右銘
: stay / be true to one's motto / principle  恪守某人的座右銘/原則
toddler n. 剛學會走路的幼童
broccoli n. 花椰菜
: spinach n. 菠菜
cabbage n. 高麗菜
molecular a. 分子的
gastronomist n. 美食家
out-of-this-world  不同凡響的,特別好的
bland a. 平淡乏味的;無滋味的
zany a. 滑稽有趣的;古怪的
burst n. 湧現;爆發
mesmerizing a. 令人著迷的
: mesmerize vt. 使著迷
kale n. 羽衣甘藍
beet n. 甜菜根
paprika n. 紅辣椒粉
turmeric n. 薑黃粉
handle n.(尤指奇怪的)名稱/名字
personality n. 名人;個性

1. have trouble V-ing  做……有困難;在……方面有困難
: have a hard time V-ing
= have difficulty V-ing
I had trouble working with that stubborn guy.
*stubborn a. 固執的,頑固的

2. be suitable for...   適合……
suitable a. 適合的
Because of your background, I don't think you're suitable for the job.

3. sneak sth into...  將某物挾帶進……
sneak vt. 偷偷挾帶 & vi. 鬼鬼祟祟地行動,偷偷地走(三態為:sneak, snuck, snuck。)
: sneak into...  偷偷溜進??
We snuck some beer and snacks into the movie theater.
Tom snuck into the classroom in the middle of a lecture without being noticed.

4. there is no telling...  沒有人知道……;
: it is impossible to tell...
= no one can tell...
= no one knows...
There is no telling how many people will come to the party.

5. be in store  即將發生;逼近的
We have a few surprises in store for the birthday boy tonight.

1. salty a. 鹹的

2. unconventional a. 非傳統的,不依常規的
: conventional a. 傳統的,慣例的
Peter's unconventional dress makes him stand out from the crowd.
It is conventional for Japanese people to bow to one another.
*bow vi. & n. 鞠躬

3. pasta n. 義大利麵(總稱,不可數)
: spaghetti n. 細條義大利麵(不可數)
macaroni n. 義大利通心粉

4. acclaimed a. 廣受好評的;受到讚揚的
The singer's latest album was an acclaimed masterpiece.

5. incite vt. 激起,煽動
The extremist leader incited his followers to commit acts of terrorism.
*commit vt. 犯(罪)

6. disgust n. 厭惡;作嘔 & vt. 使厭惡;使作嘔
: in disgust  厭惡地
Half of the audience walked out of the movie theater in disgust.
The smell of the rotten egg disgusted me.
*rotten a. 腐爛的

7. picky-eating a. 挑食的

8. readily adv. 欣然地;很快地
Jenny readily accepted my invitation.
Lily readily understood what was going on.

9. approach vt. 著手處理;接近
When the clock struck the hour, the train approached the station.

10. dull a. 無趣的,乏味的 & vt. 使遲鈍
The guest's speech was pretty dull.
Many people dull their senses by drinking too much alcohol.

11. homage n. 敬意
: pay homage to sb  向某人致敬
The producer paid homage to his mentor by making a movie about his life.
*mentor n. 良師,人生導師

12. ingredient n.(烹調的)材料;成分
Coconut milk is an important ingredient in Thai cuisine.
*cuisine n. 料理,烹飪

13. document vt.(以記述、拍攝電影或照片的方式)記錄 & n. 紀錄;文件
These photos document the process of making a traditional paper umbrella.
There are some confidential documents in the safe.
*confidential a. 機密的
safe n. 保險箱 & a. 安全的

14. technique n. 技巧,技術

15. underway a. 在進行中的
Construction on the new mall is finally underway.


彩色義大利麵 繽紛你的世界

  在全球廣受好評的皮克斯電影《腦筋急轉彎》中,有一幕是一個爸爸對於難以讓剛學步的孩子吃下花椰菜 ── 引起大多數那個年齡層的孩子厭惡的一種蔬菜 ── 而苦惱不已。在該部電影的國際版本中,皮克斯用最適合特定地區挑食孩童的任何蔬菜來取代花椰菜。當美食部落客琳達.米勒.妮可森面臨養育她拒吃蔬菜兒子的挑戰時,她欣然接受並藉著極富想像力的方式將蔬菜偷偷摻進義大利麵中。
  身為被烹飪頻道稱為「美食界女神卡卡」的分子美食家(編按:分子食物是一個正風靡全球的廚藝概念,廚師會利用各種工具,透過物理或化學的變化,把食材的味道、口感、質地及樣貌完全打散,再重新「組合」成一道新菜。),妮可森經常以創新的方式來處理食物。然而,她因其不同凡響的義大利麵創作而打響了名號。它們並非是平淡色彩且口味單調的普通義大利麵;它們是滑稽有趣的義大利麵設計,擁有繽紛色彩、迷人圖案、對藝術作品的崇敬(如維梅爾的《戴珍珠耳環的少女》),以及其他使用全天然食材的文化圖像。她將羽衣甘藍、豌豆、甜菜、紅辣椒粉、薑黃和其他成分混合以獲得她所需的鮮豔色彩。接著,她將她的義大利麵傑作記錄在名為 Salty Seattle 的 Instagram 帳號,這是她以前部落格的名字。
  妮可森在義大利杜林慢食運動中心開始了她的旅程。從那時起,她與名廚兼電視人物戈登.拉姆齊一起出現在美國版的《廚神當道》節目中。如今,她是美食頻道臉書直播影片的主持人,在直播中她經常教大家如何利用她製作義大利麵的技巧。她的烹飪書將於 2018 年初出版,沒有人知道妮可森下一步會推出什麼。
答案: 1. D 2. C 3. A 4. C 5. D 6. B 7. A


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